Night Teer: Shillong Night Teer Result Today

“Shillong Night Teer is a shooting game played every day, even on Sundays, in Meghalaya. Usually, there are two rounds of the game.  You can find the list of 1st and 2nd Round Numbers for today’s Teer (Archery) game, which is very famous in the northern states.

This chance game goes on all day, in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. People in Meghalaya love to play this Teer game and bet with great enthusiasm on the number that will hit the goal.

This post is made for people who are interested in the Shillong Night Teer game. Each day, we’ll share the Night Teer Result, which will include the number of usual hits for FR and SR.

This blog post will give you the latest and quickest information about, the Shillong Night Teer common number, hit number. From our website, you will also get the Shillong Teer result, Juwai Teer Result, Khanapara Teer Result, Juwai Teer Previous Result, Shillong Morning Teer Common Number, and many more.

Stay tuned for the most recent Shillong Night Teer results and Shillong Teer Results.

Shillong Night Teer Result Today (18-05-2023)

There are basically two games at night of the Shillong Night Teer game. The first game is from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and the second game is from 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Here is the result for both games-

Shillong Night Teer 1st Game

First Round (FR) 07:15 PMSecond Round (SR) 8:00 PM

Shillong Night Teer 2nd Game

First Round (FR) 10:55 PMSecond Round (SR) 11:55 PM

Attention: “Sometimes the Shillong Night TEER Result might not be updated right away, since the time when the results are announced can change from day to day. We suggest going to your nearest Teer Counter or Teer Agent for the most accurate results.”

Shillong Night Teer Result

Just to be clear, the Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act of 1982 says that the Shillong Night Teer game is a legal lotto in the northern states. The results of the game are announced in two parts by the game’s organizer: the First Round at 10:50 PM and the Second Round at 11:50 PM.

Here, you can find the newest information about Shillong Teer Night Results every day as soon as it comes out.

The Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association runs the Night TEER Lottery game at the Polo Ground in Shillong. The people who play this game can’t wait for the night’s TEER scores to see if they’ve won.

The Shillong Night Teer Result is only open to people who live in Meghalaya. They can buy a lotto ticket from an official counter or agent. Every district in Meghalaya has a ticket booth that is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Overview of Shillong Night Teer Result for Today

“By now, you should know what the Shillong Night Teer Result prize game is all about. To learn more about this shooting game, check out the key information in the table below.

Name of LotteryNight Teer (Shillong)
CategoryLottery Result
StateMeghalaya only
Prize of Lottery Ticket₹300 to ₹500 per ticket
Winning Amount₹8,000 to ₹11,000 per bet
Result StatusAvailable Now
Today’s Date18 May 2023
TimingVaries as per the club’s time
Authorized byState Government

 Shillong Night Teer Old Result

People tend to bet randomly on the Shillong Night Teer Common Number that hits the target, as we’ve already said. But some players are interested in the Shillong Night Teer Previous Result List or the chart from yesterday because it can help them guess the usual number for Night Teer.

Every day at 9:30 PM, we post the Shillong Teer Night Result Chart in this area. With this list of Teer goal-hit numbers, sorted by date, anyone can see how this game has gone in the past.

For people who play this game often, the Night Teer chart is a must-have. We update it every day and post the past results of Shillong Night Teer to help them guess the Shillong Night Teer Hit Number.

Shillong Night Teer Result (Old Chart)
DateFirst Round (10:50 PM)Second Round (11:50 PM)

Shillong Night Teer Common Number

The Shillong Night Teer Result Previous List is used to figure out the numbers that come up most often in the Teer game. These numbers are called “Common Numbers.”

Most experienced players bet on these popular numbers.

People who want to find the precise numbers frequently search for “Shillong Night Teer Common Numbers” on the internet.

Shillong Night Teer Common Number



Shillong Teer Hit Number

Shillong Night Teer Hit Number



What is Shillong Night Teer Common Number?

The Shillong Night Teer Common Number is one of the most looked-for things on the web. This number stands for the digits that are often the hit number, which helps you win the game.

We keep track of how often Shillong Night Teer gets hits and keep these numbers up to date all the time. If you do this, your chances of winning can go up. So, when you play the Shillong Night Teer, you should pay close attention to these numbers.

What is Shillong Night Lucky Number?

“Follow these steps if you want to know the Teer Lucky Number. First, check out this website and see what it has to offer. Keep going until you find the “Shillong Night teer common number” link. Mark this page so you can easily get to it every day. Pay close attention to the numbers you see there.”

How to win Shillong Night Teer?

“Check our website every day to find out how Night Teer went that day. Every day, we make changes to the Common Numbers for the Night game. You can win more often with these Teer Common Numbers.

Every day, people who have won thanks to these popular numbers send us a lot of thank-you emails. We work hard to help you find numbers that could be the answer for today.”

What are Shillong Night Teer Results?

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